Naomi (3 Hours ago She Left a Message), 2018, digitally printed rug

Naomi (Northeast 182 Avenue), 2018, digitally printed rug

What Do You Carry Outside of Your Tongue?, 2018, vinyl print

Star of the Decade (Minnesota Wild) (detail), 2018, digitally printed balloon

Soft Shell (How are Your Tendons?), 2018, vinyl print

Naomi (The Kiss), 2017, digitally printed rug

When We Spoke About the Dissolution of the Pedestrian, 2017, digitally printed umbrella 

Collision at Hebden Bridge, 2017, digitally printed jigsaw puzzle

What Do You Carry Outside of Your Tongue? (a rehearsal), (detail), 2017, Acrylic painting, cotton, kapok, crayon 

i-Bond and Pocari Sweat, 2016, aluminum, vinyl sticker, Pocari Sweat (aluminum can), Pocari Sweat (plastic bottle)

Corporate Exhale, 2016, acetate and aluminum

Yo-Shi, 2015, screen-printed copper

Wet and Dry Printing (Elevator in Holland), (detail), 2015, aluminum chain, inkjet print, oil stick