Soft Shell
Version 1.0

Released on the occasion of an exhibition of the same title, held at Stryx gallery in 2018.

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This typeface is frozen, frozen in the moment of being blown out, like the flame of a candle.

An experiment in creating words without weight.

Is your identity, ego, shell, soft?

To be used only to communicate simple points and simple questions, ie:
‘What do you carry outside of your tongue?’
‘How are your tendons?’

The legibility of this typeface depends on your own attention to it. If you cannot read it, you aren’t supposed to.

Thoughts fall away like clouds.

Much like the type of font used as a receptacle for holy water, can this be used as a ritualistic vessel for purification?

Perhaps not,

But if there were a font that helped instill silence in the mind, would it look something like this?