Police Puddle

Petty thefts and leaking images

Wet crime and reflective authority

Jellied handcuffs and Lots of Money Gang

A vehicle like a rare insect

Blue and yellow means don’t eat me

I’m poisonous

A legal splat, or a lawful drip

Doing 90

Doing 90

Looking at the headlights

It’s like a passing-on of information

From an ever-expanding eye

It might stare back

Loud diesel haze and an artificial glare

That even cuts through the exhaust

Closing your second eyelid

You see you phosphenes

Keep them open

The headlights returned your gaze

I Prefer to Be Cold


Bought and Sold


Turned blue-green mould


Dripping wet and soon to be told


A holly leaf turned 18 years old


Staring hungrily, only to fold


I prefer to be cold


Flood me.

With the blue lights, thrown, by colossal sirens

Turning my blood blue.

Brushing the concrete of this swamp,

Flood me.


Whisper grey smudges onto me and make me dusty

Dusty like the evening spirals on her mother’s T.V-lit carpet.

Tassels, toussles, a soft hurricane

Bruises left and replaced with denim.